Medallia Virtual Hub

Live demonstrations of Medallia’s most popular and outcome drive solutions will be presented by leaders from our product, product marketing, and solutions consulting teams. Sessions will cover a variety of solutions covering artificial intelligence, self service administrations, contact center offerings, employee experience solutions, and digital optimizations.

Live demonstrations will be held at the times below and can be accessed in the “Booth” section of the Experience 2021 Virtual Conference Platform:

May 18, 2021: 12:15 PM and 12:45 PM PDT

May 19, 2021: 7:00 AM, 7:30 AM , 12:00 PM and 12:30 PM PDT

May 20, 2021: 7:00 AM, 7:30 AM, 12:00 PM and 12:30 PM PDT

Capture every signal:

Learn how to hear every customer’s voice, even the silent ones, so you can understand the full customer journey.

Leverage the best intelligence:

Learn how Medallia analyzes structured and unstructured signals to prioritize action and predict behavior at massive scale.

Make the biggest impact:

Learn how to create personalized insights for your specific needs so you can act at the right time, every time. 

Manage your program, your way:

Learn how Medallia’s new administrator capabilities help you easily manage your program self-sufficiently so you can keep pace with your business needs. This session will showcase how to build and deploy a program from start to finish.

Optimize online visitor experiences:

Learn how to drive smarter online engagement, optimization and personalization with the data and insights that matter. This session will showcase how to capture, quantify, and prioritize online issues and opportunities to create personalized experiences.

Active employee experiences:

Learn how to give your employees a voice and how to prioritize actions. This session will showcase how you can gather feedback, surface insights, and give employees direct access to organization feedback via an employee dashboard.

Elevate your contact center:

Learn how you can derive insights across your Contact Center using speech and text analytics, automate quality assurance for 100% of interactions, and coach agents in near real-time.

Developer Portal: Building Applications & Integrations

Learn about building apps and extending the Medallia Experience Cloud Platform. Create new experiences for the world’s best brands. Learn about the Medallia Xchange and best practices for Medallia Apps. We will discuss innovation, integrations, Medallia APIs, and empowering developers to bring ideas to life. In this session, we will review the newly launched Medallia Developer Portal and Community to innovate faster together.

Simplifying Market Research

Learn how you can quickly and easily launch an ad hoc survey in minutes as well as capture, store, and process video and consumer signals to drive your market research efforts.  This section is only taking place Wednesday at 12:15 PM PDT and Thursday at 7:00 AM & 12:15 PM PDT.

Transform Customer Success

Learn how to leverage Medallia Strikedeck to transform your customer success program.  Reduce churn, increase expansio, improve client advocacy, and build a customer-centric culture with Medallia Strikedeck.